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The Internet to the Inner-net

The Internet has become humanity’s invisible central nervous system. It connects us and can sometimes overwhelm us. Yet the most important technology is within us—our brain, body, and consciousness.

A fast-paced career in the high-tech industry in combination with a deep yoga and meditation practice has allowed Gopi Kallayil to integrate his inner and outer technologies to a remarkable degree. Wisdom from his yoga mat and meditation cushion guides his professional career, and in turn his professional life provides the perfect classroom to deepen his wisdom practice. This book offers tools for readers to do the same as they learn to integrate their own inner and outer worlds.
Business professionals today are overwhelmed with a deluge of information and the tyranny of schedules that demand they be connected to technology around the clock. Meanwhile, in the midst of this turbulent life, the technology within us needs its Zen-like moments of calm, reflection, and quiet. Now Gopi presents a solution in the form of insight, inspiration, and daily rituals such as yoga and meditation (one minute of each!) that anyone can use to connect to their inner-net.
In 52 essays—always entertaining, often provocative—Gopi brings together his understanding of the world of technology and business as well as the world of spirituality through the practices of yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophy. From “Outsource Your Life,”which proposes letting someone else handle the tasks that aren’t your passion, to “The Tea Hippie” in which Gopi pays an illuminating visit to the Yellow Tea Bus, these essays lay out a set of habits and practices that we can all apply to our everyday lives to live with purpose, joy, meaning, productivity and fulfillment.