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Kirtan Lounge ” Nectar of Devotion” Vol. 1

A fast-paced career in the high-tech industry in combination with a deep yoga and meditation practice has allowed Gopi Kallayil to integrate his inner and outer technologies to a remarkable degree.
Wisdom from his yoga mat and meditation cushion guides his professional career, and in turn his professional life provides the perfect classroom to deepen his wisdom practice.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this turbulent life, the technology within us needs its Zen-like moments of calm, reflection, and quiet. Now Gopi presents a solution in the form of musical offering that will help you with daily rituals such as yoga and meditation.
In 8 tracks—always entertaining and spiritually charging Gopi collaborates with seasoned kirtan performers and delivers music offerings full of devotion and inspiration. Featuring Karnamrita Dasi, John Wubbenhorst, Vijay Krishna, Ananta Govinda, Ken Becker and many others this album aspires to become a classic in the genre of world-music and kirtan.

Released 26 March 2013
Gopi Kallayil (Lead Vocals and Tanpura)
Ananta Govinda Das (Harmonium, Piano, Percussion, Karatals, Response vocals, Musical arrangement), Karnamrita Dasi ( Lead Vocal ),

John Wubbenhorst ( Bansoori Flute ),
Ken Becker (Dilruba on 2, Cello on 5 )
Vijay Krishna (Mridanga on 2, 8 )
Eswar Iyer (Tabla on 3)
Mila Kronik (Response vocals on 2, 8 )
Irina Pastukhova (Response vocals on 2, 8 )
Damjan Cirilovic (Bass guitar, background vocals, arrangements and editing)

Produced by Ananta Govinda