Change Makers: Stacey Lawson Interview (excerpt)

Excerpts from an interview with Stacey Lawson in Aug 2011.
Stacey Lawson in conversation with Gopi Kallayil on the Public Access TV show Change Makers.
Stacy Lawson is the Co-founder and Industry fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, UC Berkeley. Her recent work explores “Servant Leadership” or the “Path of Service”. Stacey explains how we find the unique and powerful ways to serve in our careers, in our communities, around the world. And in a troubled world with many daunting challenges ahead, how do we stay engaged, hopeful and inspiring servants and role models in our communities? We are “better” than our media and our politics would currently have us believe. Our collective intelligence holds the solutions to many of our problems — but we won’t get there through division and domination. We are better than this, we can do better than this, but only by listening and engaging with each other in the spirit of service. Our world is sadly lacking this quality of leadership right now, but we are all capable of it.